Sunday, March 17, 2013


So, Friday was Match Day.  The fourth year medical students learn where our residencies will be.  We all gather in the auditorium and your name is called and you go up and get your envelope.  You return to your seat and then, surrounded by your friends and family, you open your envelope...and mine said DUKE!  So starting this July, I will be a psychiatry resident at Duke.  My closet will now have t-shirts from NCSU (where Aaron went), UNC and Duke.  I'm pretty excited and a little nervous too!

after envelopes are opened, they have a slideshow telling where everyone will go

Going to Duke will allow Aaron & I to stay in North Carolina, which is super nice.  Starting next weekend we are going to start moving my stuff to his house (in Cary).  Aaron's been having a little trouble adjusting to all the changes-swapping out furniture and getting rid of some of his things.  He's even groaning about the wedding gifts stacking up in his dining room.  Hey, that's life and it's not slowing down!

RSVP cards have been rolling in and we're at 147 attending now.  The RSVP deadline is Saturday and I know I'll have a few phone calls to make after then.  I'm expecting 230 attending but if it's less I'll be thrilled!!

An RSVP card we recieved
Some of our guests are already excited for future babies?!!

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