Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bridals Today!

Hello ladies (assuming that's who reads my blog)!  I am in the best mood today.  After so much stress over school and the impending match last week, today was just what I needed-Hooman and I did bridal portraits!  We shot at Duke Gardens and the weather was beautiful.  Sunny and in the 60s all afternoon!  We initially planned for yesterday, but it was cold and drizzly.  I am so glad today worked instead.  The hardest part of pushing back yesterday was the working with all the vendors.  Similar to the engagement photos, the MAC counter was doing my make-up so pushing that back was no big deal.  However, my hair stylist could not do today so I met with her yesterday and she curled my hair and then pin curled it all over.  My aunt and I took it down today and styled it ourselves and it went better than I expected!  We did such a good job I kind of regret paying a stylist so much to do my hair when with some practice I could recreate the look myself. Oh well.

To save some money, Whole Foods did my bridal bouquet.  They were happy to push it back a day because all my blooms hadn't opened!  I really wanted my bouquet to have lilies in it since Aaron has always given me lilies throughout our relationship.  I do not plan to have lilies in the wedding, so it was fun to use this opportunity to incorporate them.

My bouquet!  

There were quite a few flowers in bloom at the Duke Gardens and Hooman was really great in asking me what I was looking for in my portrait.  He also showed me how well pictures were turning out to help give me confidence.  However, my favorite thing about Hooman is his passion.  He photographs in Duke Gardens all the time but I still felt like I got a unique experience.  Everywhere you go with Hooman, he narrows his eyes and scans the scenery, calculating the perfect photo in his mind.  If he loves it, he's quick to get excited and shout things like PERFECT!  This is going to be GREAT!  That's IT DON"T MOVE!!!  If it's not working, he moves you or comes up and shows you how to pose.  The funniest thing is when Hooman poses, he puts his heart and soul into it, purses his lips, shows it in his eyes (Tyra would call it smiling), it's really quite hilarious!

My mom and my aunt came to help out so it was quite the girl's day.  Future brides, I definitely recommend bringing 2 people to help you out.  My mom carried and fluffed my dress everywhere while my aunt carried bags and tended to my hair and make-up.  It was quite the celebrity experience!  Even people I didn't even know stopped to take pictures of me while we were shooting!

It was such a good day, I'm so thankful to my family for helping me out, an awesome photographer who makes things fun and for a great fiancé I look forward to marrying!!!


  1. yay!!! how fun! i understand rescheduling... it was AWFUL to do for me!! and I got my bouquet from whole foods too! can't wait to see the photos!