Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Reception - the details

I worked so hard on all of the details for the wedding.  I collected the centerpieces from my grandmother and supplemented with buying some extra pieces on ebay.  I also collected my grandmother's lace doilies and lace handkerchiefs.  Dawn McCreary and I worked together, going through inspiration photos and coming up with a plan for the flowers we ordered wholesale.  My mom helped me with the memory table, which was on the grand piano in the foyer.  My godmother handwrote all of my placecards-a request my mom found ridiculous but I'm still happy it got done!  Etsy was such a big help too.  The placecards and our cake topper came from there.  I also made some chalkboards signs for our dinner menu and a welcome sign, sadly I don't have pictures of those.  Everyone has a few regrets about their wedding and I do wish I had more pictures haha. Even though I have 800 gorgeous ones.  I think the bride is the pickiest however.  The thing our photographer was the best at was capturing moments between people and the emotion in their faces.  You'll see plenty of that in the photos of our reception to come!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Groomsmen ushering 


waiting in the wings with Daddy 

taking a deep breath

Andrea singing "Center of My Joy"

Emily singing the Lord's Prayer. She also sang Ave Maria.  

Boys celebrating outside

my father's 55 Chevy

also known as our getaway car

ready to head the reception!

After the ceremony, we did family pictures inside the church and took a few more shots of the wedding party which I didn't include here.  Everything ran pretty smoothly.  It was honestly one of the best days of my life!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Look

I apologize for the long absence y'all!  Work is killing me.  But I still need to share ALL the wedding pics! More posts coming this week!

Boys pulling up to the Rose Garden...being flashy as always

feeling good I see :-)

Aaron waiting for under the gorgeous wood arches

We exchanged a few words...I was actually too nervous to talk so it was mostly Aaron


We didn't the plan this. The boys just all had there sunglasses,
sometimes you just got to let boys do what they want to do!

I love the bouquets Dawn did for us. Can you believe we purchased the flowers wholesale and she arranged them all? Money saved and a gorgeous product!!!

All and all, I would recommend anyone do a first look.  We did run a behind schedule getting ready, in anticipation I had about an hour of cushion time in our day of schedule.  I ended up getting to the church 30 minutes before the ceremony, enough time to catch my breath, grab some water and get my make-up touched up (our lady met us at the church for touch-ups, great idea).  Still, the first look was truly Aaron & I's only time alone the whole day and we are both so grateful for that.  After the wedding we were surrounded by family and friends for the rest of night.  It was also a great way to relax our nerves before the ceremony!  I visited the Rose Garden about a year before the ceremony to contemplate as a place for our first look-it was only about 3 minutes away from the church after all.  I eyed the wood arbors as the perfect place for a first look-I can't believe a year later it all really happened!