Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Vision

When I first started planning my wedding and gathering inspiration, I came across this breathtaking wedding inspiration shoot from Elizabeth Anne Designs, one of my favorite websites.  I bookmarked the link but then I left it alone.  I was dreaming of a barn wedding and this wedding was much too formal.  Well, my mom vetoed any barn wedding, then she vetoed any loft-like setting as well...while The Garden On Millbrook is a blank slate, but I didn't want to go too casual and have things look undone.  When my mom brought home boxes of my grandma's glassware, I instantly remembered the photoshoot.  I love it, because I'm able to go into my attic and rummage through my grandmother's boxes for pieces I've seen used in the shoots.  Nothings forced or causing me to spend an outrageous amount in just feels like me :-)

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