Saturday, July 28, 2012

Engagement Sneak Peak

Whoa.  That's hot, right?  Lol, it actually it makes me blush a little so it's funny that I'm sharing it with all of y'all.  Hooman, our photographer, already put it on facebook for the world to see, so, whatever, why not this blog too? :-)  This is one of the photo's from our engagement session with Hooman 2 days ago.  But let me start the story from the beginning...

Wednesday-after being stood up by a hair dresser in VA, I now had 3 things on my to-do list: salon, spa & shopping.  Normally heavenly, but I was a bit pressed for time, so it wasn't perfect.  I went to Massage Envy for an intro massage, loved it, but unfortunately had to hurry to a hair appointment at the mall afterwards, followed by 4 hours of scouring the mall for a dress for our engagement shoot the next day.  At the literally the last store I went to, about to give up, I found a dress.  I was at Urban Outfitters and loved the crocheted top, but other similar dresses I had tried on hadn't worked out, so I was skeptical.  But Aaron's eyes lit up when I came out the dressing room...then my eyes lit up when I saw the price tag haha.  But I bought it, it was the perfect dress and at $80, it could have been worse.

Thursday-Pedis with Aaron at La Therapie Day Spa.  2 spas in 2 days!  I bought Aaron a gift certificate to the spa years ago, threatened to take it back if he didn't use it, so we finally went for some pampering before our photoshoot.  I scheduled a massage at Massage Envy the day prior because I didn't want to pay double for a massage at La Therapie, it ended up being a good thing that allowed me to extend my pampering into 2 days.  Afterwards, I did some last minute shopping at TJ Maxx and bought the turquoise dress seen in the picture above.  Both of the dresses I bought Hooman picked for me to wear during the shoot, so my last minute hard work paid off.  After TJ Maxx, I went to the MAC counter Crabtree for make-up ($50 purchase requirement), then I rushed home, grabbed my clothes and it was off to Louisburg for the engagement shoot!

There's so much I have to say about Purpleberry Plantation (where we shot), shooting with Homan and lots of surprises, however I'm going to wait until I have more photos to share. :-) Get excited!

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