Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's Been on My Mind Lately

Dinner at Acme with Aaron on 6/26, our anniversary!
That's a plate of fried green tomatoes you see-best in the South.

A fraction of the glassware my mother brought home from 
my grandmother's house for me. These will be perfect for centerpieces! 
There's alot more and a ton a crochet doilies too. Being able to use my
grandmother's possessions makes things so special, I'm very excited.

Dinner I made for Aaron this weekend.  
Get the recipe here-one of my favorite blogs.  

Super cute cake topper I am considering.
I hope to have some baroque-style picture frames enclosing 
chalkboards for some of the table numbers and this will match.

I love Revlon lip butter!  It's hard wearing lipstick without looking overdone.
This is a mix of lipstick and lip balm with a long lasting color and some shimmer.

Last, but not least, a book I'm totally sick of looking of at.
I have my board exam on 7/20...pray for me!

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