Friday, July 6, 2012


Writing letters and thank you notes is becoming a lost art. While email and text messaging are taking over,  letter writing still has a special purpose. There is nothing like getting a handwritten letter when you are away to home. Situations where I have picked up a pen and paper include writing to my grandparents when they were in an assisted living home and writing to my friends overseas. As for thank you notes, there's always a time for that! I don't usually send thank you notes after Christmas (should I?), but I do send them after birthday gifts, graduation gifts and rotations where I work specifically under one doctor. My family recently received a typed thank you note from a misguided young lady who we had sent a high school graduation gift. Not only was the note typed, but it wasn't even signed! I bet her mother did them. I find typed, mass mailed thank you notes unacceptable.

Note writing is much more enjoyable when you have pretty stationary, so I'll share what I've used, what I'm using and what's on my wish list

This Andy Warhol stationary was the first stationary I ever purchased independently. I used to send this crazy stationary to my grandpa! I remember visiting him once and seeing old letters tucked away in his nightstand. :-)

This is my new sophisticated stationary. :-) The cards are by Russell + Hazel and read "fancy that". They are a little expensive, but the heavy weight of the cards and lined envelopes is worth it IMO. I also have a shimmery gold pen I use to write my notes on these cards, all in all it makes for a pretty sweet note.

I love these letterpress notecards by Haute Paper on Etsy. Getting into wedding stuff has caused me to appreciate the art of letterpress. Yup, these are definitely on my wish list.

Pictures like these are pretty popular to use on the cover of thank you cards after the wedding.  No idea what Aaron and I will do yet, but the photo cards give guests a cute way to remember the wedding.

After a quick google search, I've decided thank you notes should be sent for Christmas gifts where the exchange was not done in person. Wahoo, another occasion to send cards!

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