Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finally free!!

My board exam, Step 2, is behind me!!!  Thank goodness.  In medical school, we start our boards during school with Step 1 and Step 2.  Then during our intern year (year 1 of residency) we take Step 3 and with the passing of that we are licensed in general practice medicine.  After you complete your residency (psychiatry for me!), you can become licensed in specialty.  Those are the details in a nutshell.  Before Step 1, I was so nervous, I had a mini-mental breakdown.  There were tears, I couldn't eat.  It was god-awful.  For Step 2, I thought I had overcome most of the nerves, but then I vomited before the exam yesterday morning.  I've never had anxiety like this before.  That's what medical school does to you, folks!  It's definitely not easy.  I share these details because I dislike people who pretend everything is so easy. :-)

What's up next??  One week of vacation before returning back to school for my last year!  Here's the schedule.

Today:  Travel to my aunt and uncle's place in Charles City, VA this evening

Sunday: Church, where Aaron will get to meet Pastor Johnson!  Aaron hasn't met him yet and I'm excited to get marriage counseling off the ground.  Then that evening we're going to Latoya & Geathan's wedding!  So many weddings we go to are Aaron's friends (he's 2 years older), Latoya's one of the first out of my friends to get married!  So excited!

Monday: Water Country USA with Aaron and Blaire!

Tuesday: Visit family in VA, meet privately with Pastor, travel back home that evening.

Next week is filled with fun too, massages and pedicures, engagement shoot, bridesmaid dress shopping!  I know it seems like a lot, but after a year of rotations and 4 weeks of studying non-stop I need to cram in as much fun and relaxation as possible.  They'll be some new blog updates, too!

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