Monday, July 2, 2012


After yesterday's heavy post, today needs something lighthearted and pretty. Flowers!

The floral color scheme-cream, pink and peach!

fluffy flowers

I've already started collecting milk glasses and vintage jars for centerpieces :-)

I plan for my bouquet to have a dark accent flower, like purple salvia, so it will stand out from the bridesmaids.
I have no idea what type of flowers I want yet-I just know what looks pretty! Peonies seem to be really popular in weddings, they are beautiful but I think they may be expensive and I'm not sure if they're in season in April.  I don't care to spend the extra money if they're out of season.  I think garden roses and ranunculus are gorgeous as well.  However, the flowers in the last picture are not the typical wedding flowers you see in the blogs and they still look awesome.  My plan is just to listen to my florist (my friend Dawn) and take her advice!

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