Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a new full-time gig

On Friday, I finished medical school!  I receive my M.D. in May!  I am thrilled, but really finishing medical school is just a stepping stone.  I know that a residency lies ahead ready to whup my tail...but until then I'm looking forward to spending time wedding planning and decorating Aaron's house.  So far, wedding planning has definitely been a full-time job.  Here's what I've been up to-

Invitations are going out tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited.  Aaron is coming over tonight and he and my parents are going to help me stuff all the invitations for mailing.  On Sunday, a few of my friends came over and helped assemble and tie all of my invitations!!  It was so nice of everyone to pitch in and it made what would take me 12 hours get accomplished in 3 hours.  I can't wait to do the invitation reveal in a week or so!

Yesterday, I met Dawn, my florist at the Garden on Millbrook.  We were able to walk through the space with Adelaide (an event coordinator at the GoM) and talk about set-up, linens, lighting, etc.  It's exciting seeing how things are coming together!  We also went to the church and discussed the decor there as well.  The only thing that is not fun is that it seems every time you talk about how fabulous something would be, the budget takes another hit.  Hopefully everything will come together okay.

Here's a mood board I made today :-)

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