Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

Just like every other girl, I love Valentine's Day.  It's a girl's holiday.  We get to get dolled up and treated like a is the best holiday!  On Wednesday night I had to work late in the Pediatric Emergency Room, but Aaron was also in Chapel Hill celebrating a friend's birthday.  We both met up a little after midnight to exchange kisses and a say happy Valentine's Day.  Aaron gave me a gift certificate to Uniquities!  It's a super cute clothing boutique in the Triangle.  I'm always whining about medical school making me raggedy and not having enough time/money to shop, so I'm pretty ecstatic about this gift!!!

On Valentine's Day we had a wonderful dinner at home which consisted of-wait for it-pulled pork lasagna.  It was delicious!  Aaron didn't make it, but that made it even better-heating up food, drinking wine, no stress.  I got gift #2 of the day - a Fitbit!  It's this really cool podometer on steroids-it tracks your steps, calories you burn, level of work-out, it has a GPS and can tell when you're moving.  It's pretty awesome I can't wait to incorporate it with my fitness routine.  It even syncs with My Fitness Pal.  I've been pretty good at keeping my new year's resolution about getting fit.  I usually eat a really light breakfast and lunch, I'm also working out at least twice a week (zumba!).  I lost a few pounds that I put on and all my college dresses fit again. :-)  I think it's important to weigh yourself regularly and make sure life doesn't creep up on you so I was happy to nip the weight gain in the bud.  I may need to take in my wedding dress one more time but that's one bill I'd be ecstatic to pay!

To keep on the fitness note, I got Aaron some sessions with a personal trainer!  The first session is free, so he gets to see if he likes it and then I'll buy him a package.  He's trying to get in-shape as well so I think this will really help him learn to exercise in a safe and effective way.  

How was your Valentine's Day?!

the veil kiss is definitely on my shot list :-)

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