Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girl Crush

As you get older, your interests change.  I still love fashion, but I am losing interest in looking at fashion blogs of girls that seemingly do nothing but wear expensive clothing each day with no source of income and no purpose in their lives.  Do something more people!

I've also found a new website, TheEveryGirl.com, and as the name implies, it talks about everything.  Food, fashion, jobs, politics, decorating...things that matter in my life right now.  They do house tours and I saw this gorgeous home-

and it belongs to this girl, Meg Galligan.

However, I really fell for her when I saw her jewelry designs.

L-O-V-E at first site.  The bangles retail around $88 each.  Since I won't be getting Ippolita anytime soon, I would love to instead splurge on a set of these, 3 maybe?  They're so gorgeous, I don't think it would even feel like  I'm settling.  I think this will be the perfect graduation or birthday gift this spring!

P.S.  You can buy the paintings in her dining room at this Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenAndGrand
I'm definitely keeping them under my favorites for home decor!

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