Monday, December 10, 2012

Finishing medical school, trip to the grandparents

Hello!  I am finally back home-briefly!  Let me give a summary of what I have left of medical school

1.  Take Step 2 CS, an exam with simulated patients- December 13th
2.   Finish interviewing for residencies-Emory December 14, Univ. of MD December 18
3.  Finish classes-February 22nd
3.  Submit rank list for residencies-February ???
4. MATCH!  3/15
5.  GRADUATE!!!  5/12!!!
I am so excited!!!  I do have a bit of traveling left, I go to Atlanta this week for a board exam and interview, return home and immediately travel to Maryland for one more interview.  However, while I travel I'll be visiting some of my favorite people, two of my bridesmaids actually!  In Atlanta, I'll be stay with my cousin/bridesmaid Quiana and her adorable one-year-son Ace (Q's husband will be out-of-town).  In Baltimore, I'll be staying with bridesmaid/college roomie Ebony, one of my closest friends!  I'm so exited to be seeing everyone!  It makes the yucky part of school much more tolerable. 
I returned home after a delayed flight on Saturday and only wanted to sleep.  However, Aaron and I had a Christmas party to go to that night and then my grandparents's house on Sunday!  The trip to my grandparents was unexpected, they passed away a few years ago and now a woman is looking to rent their house.  We had to travel to Virginia to remove some of the furniture.  I was able to pick a few pieces for Aaron and I's house and a few pieces for the wedding as well.
Singer sewing machine I hope to put in my office
A beautiful china cabinet for our dining room!
Now we just need to fill it!
beautiful lace tablecloths I'll use for the wedding
Vintage suitcases and radio I can use for the wedding
and some baskets to hold programs
I'm pretty excited about everything we found.  I was also hoping to find some more glassware but honestly looking through all the boxes at my grandparents is overwhelming.  Even though I have a lot of glasses, having such a large wedding with so many tables has required me to obtain a few more pieces.  I've mainly been shopping for them off of ebay and have also obtained a few nice pieces from anthropologie. 
Blue moon & stars glassware that match my grandmother's collection
My absolute limit is to pay $20 for a piece, even then it has to quite large.  It takes patience and a lot of lost ebay auctions to abide this rule, but I have time so it's fine and only need a few more pieces.  With the prices people sell these pieces for, I could sell my whole collection after this wedding and make quite a pretty penny...however my mom would flip!
I'm excited about everything coming together for the wedding!  I've decided to do vintage postcards for escort cards and have been having fun collecting a few.  I'm also trying to choose a wedding invitation so we can order them and I have been stressing out about that...but it will work out!  I just need to keep repeating that.  And people have been talking about the wedding and throwing showers...yayyy!!! :-)

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