Sunday, December 30, 2012

New year, new look

What do you guys think of the new blog template?  It's very clean and simple...adjectives I wish I could use to describe my bedroom and my office, however crammed and messy would be more accurate!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a wedding invitation digital file off Etsy which I hope to have letterpressed.  I loved letterpress invitations from the beginning, but never thought it would fit the budget.  Well, I discovered Mercurio Brothers Printing Press, which has great reviews on Yelp and the Knot.  It still doesn't entirely fit the budget, but God willing our invitations will be printed here! I can't wait for the reveal.  I hope to place the order by next week.

I am also going to order the envelopes soon so I can have them calligraphered!  I have a family friend who does calligraphy so I hope she can give a good price.  If not, I do know of a calligrapher who charges 75 cents per envelope...not bad, but on top of everything else it's kind of ridiculous how much it cost to send a wedding invitation.

What It Takes to Invite Someone to Your Wedding
-spend countless hours on wedding websites and Etsy, choose an invitation design
-choose a printing style-flat? thermograpy? letterpress? Things no one besides you will understand.
-choose enclosures-reception card, RSVP card, map, all basically ways to cost you more $$$
-order envelopes...inner and outer, how could you think one envelope is enough?
-receive invitations, then assemble invitations-call girlfriends, order pizza, arm all attendees with twine
-don't forget to include your wedding website-but not on the formal, expensive invitations that you just spent so much $$$ on
-however, do not include your registry anywhere on these things...
-pay someone to address envelope in a half-illegible manner
-stamp envelope, remember the traditional wedding band stamp is now passé, instead please meticulusly choose an assortment of stamps for the outer envelope (some of which people want you to pay double the worth of the stamp, I think not)
-mail...then impatiently wait for the RSVP!  I spent $1.50 on that RSVP alone (enclosure, self-addressed envelope, stamp), please mail it back to me. Expect to make some phone calls.

That said, this is my inspiration for the envelopes.  The post office is going to love me, right?  However, this will satisfy all of the old church ladies who told me I wasn't incorporating my wedding colors enough.  And a really beautiful invitation will calm my soul when I think about how much time and money I spent making it happen.

In other news, this all started one year ago.  One year ago, Aaron asked me to be his wife.  He really did.  He did not say, 'will you marry me?'  He said, 'will you be my wife?'  I said 'yes!'  This is why now I spend hours a day thinking about stationery. :-)

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