Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

*this post is dated Christmas Eve but was written the day before...

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hopefully gifts are wrapped and your travels are going smoothly.  I am back at home and done with my residency interviews!  I went down South to Emory and also hung out with my cousin, Quiana and her son.

meet Ace.  He's too cute.

Then I swung up to University of Maryland in Baltimore, where the residents work at Sheppard Pratt, a historic psych hospital built in the 1860s.  Shepppard Pratt was designed by Calvert Vaux, who also designed Central Park and Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Gorgeous, huh?

In Baltimore, I stayed with Ebony, who is living the young and fabulous life as a pharmacist at Johns Hopkins!  She has a gorgeous apartment downtown.  I had so much fun, meeting her boyfriend and seeing HU friends Taronique, Tamiesha and Blaire.

Blaire, myself and Ebony at Anthropologie

Now finally I am home and DONE with my residencies interviews!  However, I'm still not done with traveling-Aaron and I are going to Gastonia for Christmas and then to my grandmothers on the 28th for her's a lot.  I don't think I've been home for a week straight in over a month.  I haven't been to church in over a month either, I haven't sung a seasonal hymn or visited a living nativity as Aaron and I did last year.  I haven't had the time!  I'm trying to embody the Christmas spirit and enjoy the family time, however, since I live at home at times it feels like family overload where no one leaves to go to work! Ahh! Cue The Waitresses and "Christmas Wrapping", 'Merry Christmas but I think I'll skip this one this year..."

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