Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the Year

With the new year approaching, I find myself reflecting on the past year.  Getting engaged, preparing myself to to live with someone else and learn how to compromise...still working on that. :-)  Being a medical student, working in the hospital, feelings of missing out, time management, dealing with life, death, families and socioeconomics...still a lot to learn regarding those subjects.  The best thing about this year was definitely spending my time with new people, new friends, new family.  This was my first Christmas spent entirely with Aaron's family and although I was a bit homesick at first, I enjoyed myself.  And of course, spending time with the "old" family and friends has been enjoyable as little sister turned 21 and now we can go out together.  Weird at first, but overall good!

I've also been thinking about tragedies this year and I keep thinking of the presents under the tree that will never be opened by those who lost their life in the Newtown shooting. :-(  There are so many misfortunes that happen across the world everyday...just yesterday an Irish pub, The Hibernian, in downtown Raleigh caught fire and burnt down.  Also on the subject of fire, there was that man in New York who set fire to his house on Christmas Eve and shot and killed two firemen rushing to his rescue.  Pretty disgusting.  While I'm happy to be going into mental health and hoping to prevent a few of these situations in the future, I have a mixed feelings about my next rotation, forensic psychiatry.  I think the background will be good for me, but in the future I prefer to work with people before the crime, imprisonment and shocking stories.

So on a brighter note, what are my resolutions for next year?

-Cook more :)
-Take time for the cooking, decorating, working and even my progress note writing for patients
-Be on time :) (repeat resolution!)
-Be a friend to Aaron... not a moderator or a mother.  Living at home makes me yearn for more freedom, so I'm trying to remind myself that when I move in with Aaron he will want a partner, not a parent.

In addition to becoming a wife and doctor, I think I'll have my hands full with these resolutions!

Aaron and I head home tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting back to regular life! I'd like to take some time before school starts to organize a few rooms in my house, but likely painting Aaron's house will take up the rest of my vacation time.  Did I tell you we're painting? Aaron's house is a bit dated and still has wallpaper up, so I requested that we do some updating before I moved in.  Luckily, he agreed and we've been busy priming and picking paint colors!  Our new hall/guest bathroom will be a sunny yellow :) more color decisions to come!

Hopefully, y'all all are having a wonderful break!

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