Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today I write from Philadelphia!!!  I had an interview at Jefferson University yesterday-awesome program.  They stood out for having a really dedicated faculty.  I talked to Aaron on the phone last night and told him it's hard.  How can I make decisions about the rest of our lives when he's not hear to take in what I see? Aaron being Aaron, answered in a super reassuring way that we can always check out my top ranked place together, so he can see what I see and understand how it's a good fit not just for me, but for us.  We'll see.  I doubt any program directors have stumbled across this blog, but just in case I keep all of my program evaluations short and sweet.  However, it's true that Jefferson was awesome, as were a few other programs I interviewed, beyond the school, I have to take in other factors, like where can Aaron and I be awesome together, where we can be set and secure to start a  new life together.

Philly!  I've completed a 10 week internship in the city before, 
so I've grown to know and love it

Now unto weddings...I suppose I should do our save the date reveal!  We sent our save the dates out around the 5 month mark, a little tardy since it's recommended to do so around the 6 month mark, but it doesn't really matter.  I think the true reason to send a save the date is to help you get organized and obtain a final invite list + addresses.  Now when it's time to send wedding invitations things will go so much more smoothly!

I was going to take super nice pictures, but I won't be home until Saturday and it's not worth really worth the wait haha.  So without further ado...

Our save the date!  I ordered the invitations from  They came out excellent-great price, look and customer service.  I would recommend them to anyone!

Next, I purchased a label template from Etsy.  My mom felt 150 addresses was a lot to write by hand, so she encouraged me to do labels.  I didn't want to look "cheap"-a horrible, nonsensical fear in wedding plan that will cost you lots of thought, headache and unnecessary expense- so I purchased these Etsy labels that were custom made for me, totally cute but not totally practical since there was no way to mail merge them and I would have to copy and paste the addresses in one-by-one.  It didn't sound bad at first, but the template was locked so there was no way to save a copy with addresses pasted in. I would have to copy, paste and print all in one setting.  Lucky for me, Aaron once again came to save the day.  He converted the file from pdf to word and found a way to mail merge all addresses into appropriate places.  And he helped me print the labels and slice'n'dice them with a paper cutter.  

Labels=labor of loves!
 We wrapped this around our envelopes with the return address on the backside.

Today Ebony posted a picture of our magnet on her fridge (among many others).  All of our hard work was worth it!  Not to mention all of the happy phone calls and texts we got from receivers!  Wahoo!  If you are reading this blog, know me and have yet to have gotten your's probably on Aaron's kitchen table. :-)  It's coming!  He's just hoping to hand deliver it to you!  

Off to explore more Philly!  While I await my UPenn interview I've been boutique browsing and searching for the best sandwich in town.  Fork and Pumpkin Market have been great.  Tomorrow I'm taking advantage of a spa special and getting a facial!  I think a monthly one until the wedding will be the plan.  Have a great hump day everybody!

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