Monday, December 3, 2012

Clam Chowder & Lobster Ravioli

Hi guys!  I had a wonderful, but busy time in Boston.  I interviewed at Tufts and Boston University/Boston Medical Center.  Both schools are great and do a lot of work with undeserved populations, which is what I'm interested in.  It's just a question of is Boston the right city for Aaron & I?  I've always been drawn to large, walkable cities with tons of culture and a great nightlife.  Unfortunately they have their drawbacks too, largely in expense.  My friend pays a little under two grand for an apartment with 2.5 rooms-a kitchen/living room, a bedroom and the bathroom.  It's small.  I'm really going have to really like Aaron to be living literally on top of him every second like that.  And the food, while delicious, is pricey.  Sit-down dinners start at $20 and go up from there.  Even a quick bite to eat, lunch spot can still cost you $8.  And the cocktails while ultra fabulous - not once this weekend was I disappointed- usually cost around $11.  Last, but not least, there's the fashion.  While my friend walked beside me carrying Ferragamo and Marc Jacobs handbags, others bustled past me with Gucci and Prada tucked under their arms.  We went to an awesome bar, Alibi, on Saturday night and I was simultaneously underdressed (in terms of formality) and overdressed (I looked so modest, I was analogous to a nun).  I felt so raggedy all weekend!  I haven't had much money to shop lately while juggling wedding planning, traveling for interviews and my usual lack of negative income of being a student.  I need more dresses, heels, boots and blouses!  Med school is making me lose myself.  For the last 6 months of third year I didn't wear eyeliner, and while it sounds minor I'm a firm believer in that this is how people let themselves go.  I need to get myself back!  I did some shopping in Boston and hope to do a little more "maintenance" in Philly as well.

Anyways, I traveled  far away from my point, which is Boston is wonderful, apart from being cold, but I worry the expense could seriously cramp our lifestyle.  Aaron & I love to go out and be social and doing that in Boston could have quite the effect on our savings.  We want to have a nice house one day and I want to work part-time and  not worry about money and I'm not sure Boston would help us prepare a foundation for that.  Who knows if we could even save a dime there?  You do get paid more to live in Boston, but I'm unsure if it works out.  We'll see.  I'm headed to Philly now for more interviews and more possible places to train and live!

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