Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Do List For June

Completed So Far:
Reserve church
Book venue
Choose photographer
Order bridal gown (completed today! from Bridal Mart)

To Do This Month:
Order, receive, write and send Will You Be My Bridesmaid?/MOH/flower girl cards
Arrange marriage counseling with pastor
Book DJ
Draw up proposal with Dawn (florist)

Any more suggestions? Today being the 13th, we are officially 10 months out.  I plan on finalizing the guest list and sending the Save The Dates in August.  Next month, I have to study for boards, I will most likely make no progress in wedding planning.  So what's not wrapped up at the end of this month will be pushed back until August...a year seems like a long time to plan a wedding, yet it still seems like a lot of work.  I just hope not to cram everything until the end.

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