Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Make It Last Forever

Sorry for the delay in planning got off to a bumpy start, but it's looking like smooth sailing now.  I'm pretty optimistic, don't you think? Anyways, let me share what I've been up to!

We booked a church!  After going away to college, when I came home I felt bit out-of-touch with the church I grew up in.  Aaron & I began to attend a church aimed at young adults in Durham called World Overcomers.  During that time, that my pastor also left my home church.  So when deciding where to get married, I didn't quite feel connected to my home church anymore, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to commit to the new church I had been attending.  Aaron and I were lucky enough to find Fairmount Methodist Church, who allowed us to use the facility as well as bring our own officiant.  So now that we've found the place, we just need to find the guy...we're deciding between the pastor of our new church or one of my grandparents' pastors.  I think we're pretty close to deciding who to ask. :-)

My must haves: center aisle (something my home church lacked) and stained glass windows.  
Something about stained glass just feels more holy!

We also picked a photographer!  No, not Brian Mullins.  We picked Hooman from Vesic Photography!  I'm so excited!  Everyone told us not to skimp on photography.  So, we took our time picking out the best photographer our budget would allow...and then stretched our budget some :-/...and then picked Hooman!  I'm positive I won't regret it.  He's going to do my bridal shoots and a full day of photography for us.  Engagement shots were the one thing I let go of-I decided if we want to use pictures for Save The Dates, we can always ask a friend or, rather, my mom.  And choosing not to do engagement allowed us to afford a large photo album Hooman will create for us after the wedding.  Get excited!

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