Monday, June 11, 2012


Wedding dress shopping has been so much fun, I wish I could share more with y'all.  But Aaron doesn't want to know anything about my dress-and that's the way it should be! So instead about talking about my bridal gown, let's talk about bridesmaids' dresses!!!

I went shopping at Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC.  I encourage all girls to go and not turn their nose up to it.  They carry a ton of designers and you can order your dress for 10-20% off the usual price.  The salesgirls are really helpful too!

Alfred Sung D542

I want my bridesmaids' dresses to be fun.  This dress by Alfred Sung has exactly the right idea-sweetheart neckline, fitted waist and flared, fun skirt.  Unfortunately the material of this dress-peau de soie- was paper thin.  Next!

After feeling some fabrics around Bridal Mart, I decided I liked silk dupioni the best, followed by taffeta, then satin.  As for colors, I've always dreamed of navy bridesmaids' dresses. :-)

Eden 7330

Now wait a minute-looks can be decieving. In this color, the dress is not too pretty and the material looks a bit iridescent.  But this is actually silk dupioni and in person it doesn't look too bad.  I'm sure in navy it looks much better!  Unfortunately, this dress was one of the few dresses that didn't come in navy (what?).  That's okay though, because while it was cute on, the bust kinda reminded me of clam shells clasping onto me.

Impressions 20031

The dress in the middle is super cute and what I was looking for, even though I didn't think I would like flower details.  It only comes satin, however, so therefore it will be a back-up dress.  I'd like to find my dream bridesmaid dress in a navy silk dupioni, like this:

 We'll see!  I've only looked at Bridal Mart so far.  Gorgeous Gowns in Cary does buy 5 bridesmaid dresses, get the 6th free-that's perfect because I plan to have 6 bridesmaids!

Let me know if you girls have any dress suggestions!!!


  1. I am in the triangle area too and just went to the Bridal Boutique of NC. They charge you $20 to try on dresses which is credited to your purchase but I had already tried on the bridesmaid dress I like, I just wanted to look at the colors because the first place I went (Bella Bridesmaid) didn't have a sample in the color I want. Their prices were a bit higher than BB (about $20-$25) but they give 30% if 3 or more bridesmaids order from there. They have a lot of different designers and samples so I found it really nice to just go in and look at the racks. My experience at BB was a lot of fun and I would have the dresses ordered there but they don't give a discount for multiples and the dress I'm in love with is $300 so 30% off makes it much more reasonable.

  2. I'll have to check out Bridal Boutique! I went there to look at bridal gowns but didn't try any on since they didn't have the style I was looking for. At that time, I didn't even think of looking at bridesmaid dresses. 30% off is great, glad to know a few places in the area are offering good deals on dresses. I hope you get the dresses you're looking for! :-)

  3. Hi Lauren, I'm also a southern bride blogger, and I also love the dupioni fabric! I am actually about to tell my bridesmaids to order an Alfred Sung dress in dupioni. They will probably order them from Weddington Way, which is a great website that has tons of different dresses from designers, and the bride can pick her favorites and then the bridesmaids vote. Also, your wedding is on my birthday!

  4. omg I'm sure your dresses are going to be beautiful!! Also, you've confirmed that April 13th is a fantastic day. I'll check out your blog! :-)