Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 years!

3 years ago from today was the first time I ever met, first time I ever laid eyes on Aaron! I was a month out of college and had been complaining to my friend Emily about being bored and creeped out by the often older men on Glenwood who kept hitting on me, could she please set me up?! Emily told me she worked with a cool guy and would see what she could do to set up a a double date between him, me, her and her boyfriend.  She set the date for Friday, June 26th and the rest is history!!!

3 years ago-my mom taking my pic for I left for the night.
I didn't know it, but I was going to meet my future husband that night!!!

To celebrate our anniversary tonight, Aaron & I ate at my favorite restaurant, Acme, which is in Carrboro.  We shared fried green tomatoes, roasted pork on mac&cheese and the pecan fried chicken with mushroom gravy.  I was in heaven.  As a gift, Aaron told me he had contacted Hooman and purchased an engagement session for us!!!  I am so excited!  Engagement photos were something I wanted, but it wasn't in the budget.  How sweet of him!
My gift to Aaron was a framed photo of two of blue martinis with June 26, 2009 written on the mounting.  The double date Emily set up was at Blue Martini downtown, unfortunately it closed years ago.  He loves it and I can't wait to hang it on the wall of our future home!

At a beach wedding 

2gether 4eva lol

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