Thursday, June 21, 2012


Some girls choose their bridal party like this:  "OMG-I-just-got-engaged-you-HAVE-to-be-my-bridesmaid!!!"  Within a week, their bridal party is finalized. :-) Mine wasn't as easy - I didn't want a super large bridal party, but I didn't want anyone to feel left out.  In the end, there was no easy way about it and I ended up choosing a bridal party of my sister (maid of honor), my cousin, 2 grade school friends, 1 college friend and 1 medical school friend.  I hope everyone realizes that I would have the whole world in my bridal party if I could (seriously)!!!

At the moment, Aaron is the only person who knows me that knows about my blog (to my knowledge).  I wanted to wait until I choose my bridal party to share it with people!  Today I dropped my cards to my friends in the mailbox, this weekend and next week I'll be eagerly awaiting phone calls!  Then we can get excited together and I can share my blog with my girlfriends and get all their feedback and ideas. :-)

I ordered my bridesmaid cards from flapperdoodle on Etsy.  I LOVE them! So cute and unique.  I got to personalize the girls by choosing hair color, skin color and hairstyle.  Inside, I wrote each of the girls a note. :-) I'm super excited for them to receive their cards in the mail, it's not too often you get a handwritten note these days!  To make the United States Post Office really love me, I addressed the cards with a gold metallic pen (hope the machines can read it okay!) and sealed the envelopes with a monogram.  This is my first wedding project I get to share with others!  Yay!

The multiple stamps came out cute but it wasn't intentional.  
I really didn't have any 45 cent stamps!

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