Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thank God for Hometowns

Thank God for hometowns
And all the love that makes you go round
Thank God for the county lines that welcome you back in
When you were dying to get out
Thank God for church pews
And all the faces that won't forget you
Cause when you're lost in this crazy world
You got somewhere to go and get found
Thank God for hometowns

I love that song by Carrie Underwood! It's so sweet and so true.  On Monday I called my grandpa's pastor, Pastor Johnson, and asked him if he would consider marrying Aaron and I.  He said of course!  I am so excited.  Pastor Johnson is the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Virginia, my mother's family church.  My grandpa was a deacon there, my grandma a deaconess.  I was Christened there as a baby :-).  If that wasn't enough, Liberty Baptist is extra dear to me because when my grandparents were sick and couldn't come to church, the church continued to visit them at home.  They would even bring wine and bread for communion!  This continued even when my grandparents had to move to assisted living and the church had to make the long drive to Petersburg.  My grandparents have both passed now and my heart swells just thinking about how good Liberty Baptist has been to me and my family.  To top it off, when Pastor Johnson was engaged, his fiancĂ©e asked my grandpa to walk her down the aisle since her father had passed.  How special! And now he's going to marry Aaron and I!  Pending approval when he meets Aaron this July, of course.  I know everything will work out.  Thank God for hometowns!

Liberty Baptist

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