Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Florence Welch & Waffles

Hello there!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty busy.  I finished up my family medicine rotation on Friday, packed up and left Wilmington, drove home to Raleigh, saw Florence & the Machine- they were awesome!!!  The live music was amazing and the Florence's voice was beautiful, of course.  Florence Welsh, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash-I think they're all super women in the music scene these days.  Their music is so refreshing.

Florence behind the screen :-)

Aaron in front of the stage

Us after the concert...I know you'd rather see Florence 
but I couldn't get very good pictures due to the lighting.

Saturday was all about the wedding-my mom, aunt, Allison and I looked at bridesmaid dresses and then went and picked up my bridal gown!  Putting it on was so exciting.  There was a slight problem with bunching of the underlayer, but the seamstress at Bridal Mart fixed it right away.  The dress was also heavier than I remembered-good thing I'm not getting married in July!  It needs to be taken in a bit and bustled, but I'm sure it will be perfect!

Bridesmaid dress shopping went well too.  We went back to Gorgeous Gowns and tried on the silver dress I had on in my last post, still loved it.  But then the sales girl pulled a dress extremely similar-sweetheart, flared skirt dress by Alfred Sung that comes in the dupioni fabric as well.  Now I'm not quite sure which is best, my mom took photos of Allison and I in the dresses side by side so I can look at them and compare.  I'll post the photos soon, they're on my mom's camera so it'll be a few days until she gets home from vacation.

On Sunday after church, Aaron and I met John and Dawn for a delicious brunch at Dame's Chicken and Waffles!!!  It's was fabulous, mouth-watering.  I got the gingerbread waffle topped with fried chicken breast and a maple pecan spread.  It came with a side of macaroni and cheese too, I was in heaven!

Tell me, how was your weekend? :-)

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