Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ceremony & Readings

Deciding on the size of the reception was something Aaron and I went back-and-forth on during the first stages of wedding planning.  With weddings being so expensive, we often contemplated having a family-only ceremony and a informal party for our friends later.  "The only thing that matters is we're getting married," we would tell each other.  Well, my parents vetoed that plan and now we're having a having a fairly large wedding, with a nice price tag that feels like we're-spending-too-much-but-it's-not-enough-to-get-everything-I-want wedding.  Actually, lately I've been pretty good at happily staying within budget while planning lately, but I know there may be a few more hiccups to come.  What's so funny is, now that we are planning a large reception, the reception has become very high priority while the ceremony, not so much!  Yet the ceremony is the clearly most important part of the day and without it there would be no reception!!

I've been to a wedding where I think the ceremony only lasted ten minutes.  If that's your style, that's cool, but for me, I needed it to be a bit longer than that.  Aaron and I are getting married y'all!!!  Hold your horses for a little while and savor the moment. :-)

So, one of the reasons why the ceremony has gotten less attention on this blog is because the details of planning are much easier.  Church? Check.  Minister? Check-my grandpa's pastor! <3  Organist?  Not yet...but I have a few options and thankfully the church actually has an organ and we don't have to debate organist versus strings.  Songstresses?  Check, songs-not yet.  Plenty of time for that.  Decor-floral plans in the works.  So what's left?  Readings!!!

I'm a regular reader of Southern Weddings and they always ask their brides what readings were read at the ceremony.  I've saved a few of my favorites from those posts as well as some favorites from my daily devotions.  I'll start sharing them with y'all, two in this post and then more in random posts in the weeks up to the wedding. :-)

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