Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little saner...

Hey y'all.  I've tried to de-stress and so far it's going well.  I started my last medical school rotation, working in the pediatric emergency room at UNC.  I love it and it helps take my mind off of the wedding-my last rotation was really relaxed and I could basically continue wedding planning while at work.  Aaron and I have also been good at working out together, on Monday I met him at work and he taught me how to play raquetball!  I was a bit of a wimp-the courts are enclosed and the ball can fly from any direction.  However, I hope with some practice I'll be able to give Aaron some competition on the court!

I've also been doing my favorite!!!  I visited Moon & Lola in downtown Raleigh and got some great monogram inspo.  Then I went on Etsy and saved!!

Moon and Lola's acrylic monogram earrings $98

My acrylic monogram earrings - $15.99!! Buy them here.
yup I'm trying to make scrubs look good...

I'm totally happy with the earrings and proud of myself for saving!  I think the quality's great and acrylic earrings are pretty trendy, so I couldn't see shelling out $100 for them.  I may shell out $100 for a gold monogram necklace though.  Not anytime soon since I'm wedding broke, but I'd love to wear my initials with sundresses this summer!

In other news...people have started buying stuff off our registeries!!!  Ahhh!! My first bridal shower is THIS SATURDAY :)  so I guess it makes sense.  I know what's been purchased off the Amazon registry, but I restrained myself from looking at the Bed Bath & Beyond registry.  Can't wait to open it up soon!  

My bachelorette dress from Asos hasn't come yet...cross your fingers it works so I don't have to go to the mall in a frenzy!!!


  1. Please wear protective goggles when you are playing racquetball! The last thing you want is a black eye.

  2. Amazing! You're a med student and planning a wedding! I'm the social media manager at MD Cards and a second year med student and if it weren't for twitter I might go ages and ages without touching base with the rest of the world. I cannot imagine planning a wedding in the middle of medical school! What a rockstar! :)