Thursday, January 3, 2013


My dear sister/maid of honor is throwing me a bridal shower!  Since peeps will be coming in from out-of-town, my cousin suggested we do the bachlorette the same night.  And the date will be in one month!

Bachlorette.  You know what that means. I'm headed to the mall, headed to Bebe.  This may be the last time I get to wear one of their dresses with no shame. :)  I'm also going to check out BCBG and French Connection.  Plan to look fierce, ladies!

I always say that a girl should feel free to buy a new dress with a more-generous-than-usual budget on two occasions-birthdays and Valentines' Day.  Let's look back at some of the infamous dresses of my past...!!!

22nd birthday dress-French Connection

it was short but I loved it :)
It's kind of hilarious how conservative my friends are, also!

21st birthday-designer forgotten, boutique now closed (*tear)

Que Cab? - Arden B (the old Arden B)
Some people may cringe at this Bamm-Bamm dress, I'm all smiles.

Que Cab again - Bebe
I was 18?  

Blame medical school for the most recent awesome dress posting being from 3 years ago.  Thank Hampton for my fashion foundation (I kid).  

This post was the perfect gym motivation!