Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stressed out.

Y'all.  I am stressed out.  Going crazy.  Need a break.  My wedding crunch has been going well-today we secured a hotel block!  I dropped off my envelopes to be addressed!  However, I think I'm losing it.  All day I think about wedding, wedding, wedding.  Then if it's not the wedding it's bridal shower.  If not the shower, the bachelorette.  All very exciting-but I need to think about something else.

Unfortunately, I cannot stop thinking about wedding stuff because I need to get some stuff done and I have a timeline.  But I can narrow down what I'm going to do.

Finishing compiling addresses to give to BJ (1/2 have been submitted)
Secure wedding day transportation
Finish ordering items for invitation suite
due date:  Monday

Next week
Find organist
Talk to Hooman about bridal portraits
Order Veil

With stuff broken down, I hope that this will be a bit more manageable.  To stop stressing, I have a goal-to finish reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by the end of February.  It's a great book but I've been dragging out finishing it for about 2 months now.  Hopefully, I can use my book to take my mind off of wedding.  This also means I'll probably start blogging a little less too!

It's too early to be this obsessed!!!  I'm hoping things will ease up after I finish getting these big things done, but what if it's just a downward spiral?  ahhh!

I need a break

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  1. OH girl... I remember that feeling. It's very consuming and every little detail is playing in your mind but what you have to do is just give in. Say, "I've done all I can and I can't control anything else" and just relinquish control when you can, ie. bach party. Just be there and don't worry about anything. Half of the things you're thinking of, no one is going to notice. Like why did I spend a couple hundo's on monogrammed napkins?! NO ONE noticed and I have so many leftover.. oops. But just BREATH remember WHY you're getting married, not to throw some party but to marry your best friend!!! In the end that's all that matters! :) Let me know if you need any other help. OH I'm going to do a bm/gm gift post just for you! ;)