Thursday, January 10, 2013


Wow y'all.  The wedding is about 3 MONTHS away! Crazy!  With it getting so close, it's time to crack down and get serious, which means making decisions I've been putting off.

Where we're getting ready.  I really wanted to get ready at mi casa with my girls, but in the end getting ready downtown makes more sense.

Choosing what hotels to book rooms at.  So I can actually have a room to get ready at :-). I'm really excited about spending the night after the rehearsal dinner with my girls, waking up in the same place the next morning, getting ready together and giggles.

Choosing a make-up artist. Getting ready together means having people come to you.  Tiwa Lawrence is going to be doing our make-up and I couldn't be more thrilled.  See her work here and here (note: I've already informed her I'm looking for minimal eye make-up, because while she's great at that I'm boring).  Initially, my mom claimed her friend could do our make-up, but she was terribly unreliable-I couldn't even schedule her for a trial. My mom and my aunt have had a terribly annoying pattern of suggesting unreliable, inexperienced people for me to work with in order to save money and while their intentions were in the right place, I finally had to start declining some of these offers.  Like how this girl didn't even have a car.  Tiwa has a car, has a portfolio, so now she has the job.

There's still much to be done...I'm getting the invitations printed next week, I need to find a limousine, I need to go over decor.  I need to do a million things really.  But sometimes the best thing one can do is take a break and come back to it, right?  So Aaron and I are taking a winter beach trip with friends this weekend!  Leaving tomorrow morning for Emerald Isle! :-)

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