Thursday, August 30, 2012

Engagement Party!

Hello everyone!  My medical school friends in Chapel Hill were nice enough to throw a casual engagement party for Aaron and I!!!  So sweet!!

Here are some pics from the event.

How cute is this, a matching couple!  
Claudia got these awesome outfits for her and Shane while she was in Africa.

The girls at the party!  I wasn't able to pull the guys away from the grill for a group shot of them.  On the far right is my sister Allison!  If you're wondering about the outfits, some people, including myself, have swimsuits on underneath. :-) 

Aaron and I cutting the oreo cookie cake Joseph made for us.
Practicing for the wedding! :-)

We had so much fun and I am so grateful and thankful!  Well, I'm off to a wedding in Asheville this holiday weekend with Aaron and we're so excited!!!  We love Asheville and we love watching our friends in love get married!!!

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