Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding Updates

Aaron and I have been on the DJ hunt all week!!!  We're meeting the last one in a few hours and hoping that we can make a confidant decision later tonight.  Too much watching of "Four Weddings" has got it stuck in my head that a DJ can make or break your wedding.  However, seriously, that show is the stupidest show ever and I dislike watching people be critical and nitpicky of each other's weddings.  Most comments they make are so ridiculous-"that dress was simple and it wasn't my style" or "I wish she did more with the centerpieces."  Hello, it's not your wedding! :-)

Moving on, here are some other things I've been working on...

I saw these ballet flats at Nordstrom the other day and they are the perfect bridal flats.  I love the rose gold color!  I'm using ShopStyle to hunt for the best price so I can order a pair for the wedding day!

I'm also looking for hair accessories!  I've decided small, multiple hair pins like the photo on top are best so I can add to or tone down as I see fit.  The pearl hair pins are from BHLDN, they're $400 which is totally ridiculous.  I hope to have a some gold accents incorporated in my pins, similar to the headband from Twigs & Honey in the picture below.  If only the pins and the headband could mate and have a baby. :-)

Our engagement photos are back!!!  Looking forward to sharing more with you soon and picking a Save the Date!  I think we'll go with magnets. :-)

Finally, I think I'm done with the bridesmaid dress hunt.  I'm going to make a post this week showing all the top contenders so the girls can see and voice their opinions...but I definitely already have a favorite. :-)  No worries, I'm pretty sure (hopeful) everyone will love it.

Okay, off to study until this DJ meeting!!!


  1. I really had a great time reading your post and it is very informative one. Thanks for the share.

  2. So solid, I love the hair accessories, especially the headband!