Monday, September 23, 2013

Reception - the details

I worked so hard on all of the details for the wedding.  I collected the centerpieces from my grandmother and supplemented with buying some extra pieces on ebay.  I also collected my grandmother's lace doilies and lace handkerchiefs.  Dawn McCreary and I worked together, going through inspiration photos and coming up with a plan for the flowers we ordered wholesale.  My mom helped me with the memory table, which was on the grand piano in the foyer.  My godmother handwrote all of my placecards-a request my mom found ridiculous but I'm still happy it got done!  Etsy was such a big help too.  The placecards and our cake topper came from there.  I also made some chalkboards signs for our dinner menu and a welcome sign, sadly I don't have pictures of those.  Everyone has a few regrets about their wedding and I do wish I had more pictures haha. Even though I have 800 gorgeous ones.  I think the bride is the pickiest however.  The thing our photographer was the best at was capturing moments between people and the emotion in their faces.  You'll see plenty of that in the photos of our reception to come!

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