Saturday, April 6, 2013

This Is It

So if you didn't know what getting married is all about, this is it.  Staying up past midnight with your soon-to-be hubby trying to print your programs.  I've already expressed that I'm not a DIY type of girl and this is why.

While Aaron's works on centering the program, let me tell you what my day has been like...

8:50     up
9:30     Zumba!
10:30   8 minute abs
11:00   In the YMCA shower
11:30   At my aunt's house looking at the program-she's making changes to the changes she made last week.  Ughhh.
12:30   At Harris Teeter buying my lunch, milk and BOGO Cap'n Crunch
1:00     Arrive home, receive RSVP in the mail.  13 days late.
1:15     Aaron calls and says he's swamped at work, can't come to reception meeting and tasting              today
1:30     My aunt's back at my house working on the program (she had to break to get her nails did)
2:30     Mom arrives home to help
3:30     Trying to get out the door to go to the venue for meeting and tasting
3:45     Dad calls, car won't start.  Call venue and tell them we'll be late.
4:00     Successfully jump Dad's car
4:30     Arrive at venue with parents
4:45     Sample hors d'ouvres.  I LOVE the ones we picked.  I'm not telling! :-p
5:00     Sample entrees.  Awesome!!
5:30     Discuss day of details.  Schedule final meeting for Wednesday at 10am.
6:00     Leave venue, ask Mom to take me to a store so I can purchase day of underwear.  My something blue haha.  She obliges.
6:30     Undies purchased, now in Ross as Mom looks for a shawl.
6:31     Leaving Ross.  I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls is nice too, but I can't deal with Ross
6:50     Home
7:00     Mom realizes she has a box of Grandma's tea cups in the attic
7:30     19 tea cups later, I don't need anymore tea cups!
7:40     Fiancé is free from work and comes over to mi casa.
8:30     The fiancé and I head out to print programs at a mystery location.
9:00     Program is proofed, but not centered.  Aaron tries to help a girl out.
1:03     Now.  We just printed our first copy on our linen stock paper.  The end is near?

As Aaron cuts paper...
I was a bit nervous about our tasting today, because last time we sampled a super tasty salmon en croute, but I did not like the sauce on the chicken we sampled.  This time we sampled a chicken saltimbocca and it was really good!  I am seriously so excited.  Even though it's chicken and salmon, I don't think it's typical wedding food.  I hope our guests are happy!  Also-I never tasted the vegetarian entree.  It's spinach stuffed mushrooms and I don't eat mushrooms (although I like the flavoring-chicken marsala, cream of mushroom, I'll eat around the mushrooms lol).  Only 11 people ordered it and and I hope they're happy too!

Well...I guess I'll get back to printing these programs.  I pray in an hour I'll be on my way home!  I'll add a picture to this post phone is dead!

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