Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So close!!!

9 days until the wedding!  I am so excited.  I am also totally ready for it to be over-I am sick of writing checks, charging credit cards.  I never worked a salaried job, so over the past year I've spent more money in my life then I have ever even made.  It's kind of ridiculous but I hope I'm not regretful after the fact.  As long as I take the day as slow as possible I don't think I will be.  I've tried to save money wherever I can, but I also didn't want to half do anything.  Today I went through my OneNote notebook (the best way to organize, I swear) and I was pretty happy with the thoughts and inspiration photos I've collected over the past year and how things have turned out.

Aaron's mom has been WONDERFUL and came to his house to clean.  His house is basically turned up upsidedown while she scrubs and vacuums.  Talk about the best gift ever.

The biggest things on my to-do list right now are finishing the program and completing the seating chart.  My mom's taking a half day Thursday and Friday to help me with these things so I'm confident we'll knock it out!  After that I just have a lot of small tasks but they can be time consuming!  And not at all efficient at all either.  I visit Michaels at least twice a week.  I go to Belk to buy MAC lipstick for the wedding only to recieve a 20% off cosmetics coupon in the mail as soon as I get home.  Of course I'm going to go back, return it and buy it again!  But that works out,  because I looked at my make-up trial pics and now I think my lips look too pink so I'm going to go see my girl at the MAC counter this weekend for us to try some new shades.  So even part of my bridal trial I'm doing twice.  It's the way of the world.

once again, my tired bride photo!

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