Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 days! :-)

I'm getting married 3 days and I CANNOT wait!  My mom and I went to the venue to check things out today-gorgeous.  And the weather looks awesome for Saturday-keep your fingers crossed.  Marc helped us make a timeline today which was so helpful.  It's not just like they give you a space and make you do all the work.   (Link to the venue for anyone who didn't know where the wedding will be ).  Adelaide also talked to Dawn (florist) and Mark (lighting) as well to make sure set-up goes smoothly.

We had some hiccups-Aaron's ring is a little too small so a new one is coming Friday, a check was due for the venue today and I seriously had some sticker shock when I saw the tally for entertaining and feeding 270 have to pay with a check so debt is not an option!  Placecards have not been numbered either.  My mom's been by my side pretty much all day (good and bad) and we are working hard to knock it all out.  I just need to go to bed at a decent hour tonight and tomorrow so I'm not too tired the day of the wedding.  I also need to finish packing for the wedding weekend and honeymoon.  

In the hectic-ness of this morning - "they need the check today?!" - mind you the venue is over half of our budget - I accidentally left the bridal portrait at home.  I drove back to the house to get it, ran inside and then OW!! I thought I stepped on a nail-no, stung by wasp!  Which was still alive.  I was shocked, scared and in pain so I reverted back to my child self, shouting for my mom. We arrived to the venue for the meeting an hour late, but they understood!

Thank you guys so much for following my journey!  I'll be back in about to 10 days to share pics and stories!  We are honeymooning in Asheville and Aaron's kept all the details a secret!!!  Feel free to leave advice below!

from our engagement day :-)

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