Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm here

I'm here.  In the midst of interviewing at psychiatry residencies (UNC! Duke!), working shifts in the ED including overnight last night, suturing up people's faces that got into a fight at 12 pm noon and stumbled in drunk, I am here.  And wedding planning is hold for the minute.  And I struggle with feelings of frustration after being told not to try to do it all by myself, but no one else moves fast enough for me (*ahem*AARON GIVE ME MY MAILING LABELS).

But onto other things....don't you just love this amazingly gorgeous wedding that was featured on Southern Weddings last month?  SWMag is one of the few blogs I read-I found that too many lead to overload and too many budget breaking and totally ridiculous ideas.  So I read SWMag daily and supplement with Ruffled and Elizabeth Anne Designs when needed.

P.S.  Amanda's getting married this weekend!  Her fiancé is a friend of Aaron's and we met at a mutual friend's wedding a couple months ago.  She's a bride blogger for Southern Weddings too!!!  Yay for bride bloggers!

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