Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hello everybody!  Sorry for the brief hiatus!  My life has been a mix of interviewing, final exams (goodbye emergency medicine) and Thanksgiving celebrations.  Aaron and I went with my family to my grandmother's house, which is our routine.  My grandmother threw down, as she does every year.  Turkey and stuffing is one of my favorite meals and it was so tasty.  Everyone in my family has been super welcoming of Aaron-my grandmother insisted he get in the grandchildren pictures, because he is soon to be a grandchild.  How nice!  Aaron and I have been lucky to have such supportive families.  However, towards the end of the weekend I was getting tired of the hustle and bustle and ready to take it easy.  Yesterday Aaron and I simply curled up on the couch, watched a movie and cooked together which was really nice.  I briefly complained about watching a movie, because I think some of medical school type A personality is rubbing off on me and I feel like watching a movie is equivalent to wasting time.  Then later I reflected, what's so bad about spending a couple hours watching a good/humorous/touching story?  Aaron's trying to get me to watch Stars Wars and the Lord of the Rings trilogy; I've seen neither.  Will I take the plunge??

We also mailed our Save the Dates!  Finally!  This was both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time.  Overwhelming-managing a guest list of 260-something.  Underwhelming-actually handing out/mailing the save the dates.  No one cares as much about your wedding as you, folks.  So don't expect people to be bowled over when they get your magnet...I think I even confused a few senior citizens (a friend of my grandmother's kept turning his over, and over).  I'll take pictures of the save the dates and post on this next week!

Lastly, we started registering!!!  This has been a lot of fun and I've gotten a bit obsessive.  We've registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.  I've had a lot of things to register for, since I've only lived alone briefly and Aaron's house is a total bachelor pad in need of a revamp.  So I pretty much stuck to the traditional registry and did fine and everyday china, silverware and appliances.  I tried to keep the registry small-but not too small since we're expecting 200 guests-and within a wide price range.  I'll post on that this week as well!

I'm so happy to be blogging again!!  I'm done with school for the rest of the year so expect much more blog nurturing. :-)

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