Monday, November 26, 2012


Yesterday, we finished registering.  We have a large registry on Bed Bath & Beyond and a baby one on Amazon.  I had a lovely time and figured I would make a pros & cons list for all of y'all.

Pro:  You get to register for whatever you want.
Con:  You don't want to look greedy or selfish.  For this reason, I only registered for stuff I truly wanted and believed would not clutter our kitchen too much.  Still, there are some pricey things on our registry.

Pro:  At BB&B an employee will assist you in making your registry.
Con:  At BB&B an employee will assist you in making your registry.  I had trouble deciphering if she was truly recommending a product or liked it due to the price.  Do they get kickbacks on the stuff we get?

Pro:  On Amazon you can add stuff from external websites.
Con:  On stuff from external websites, your address won't auto-populate.  I solved this problem by putting our address in the notes, but I do fear Universal Registry will confuse less computer savvy people.

That's about all...I figure all and all, registering is a wonderful and exciting part of being engaged.  While I hope we get everything haha, there are a few favorites of mine, in particular our china, flatware, Le Creuset pieces and the sheets we registered for.  Hmm..being engaged makes you desire some pretty boring stuff, huh?

Our registry collage I made on site :-)


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  1. Yay for the registry! Can't wait to shop on it :)