Sunday, June 30, 2013

Getting Ready that Southern Wedding's has shown my wedding :-) and I don't have to worry about photo rights or any of that stuff anymore, I'm ready to share photos!

After the rehearsal dinner at 18 Seaboard and afterparty at The Wine Feed, I ended up going to bed  a little after midnight.  Allison (sister), Ebony (bridesmaid), Andrea (singer) and I were staying in adjacent suites at the Hampton Inn on Glenwood-which was really nice by the way!  The hotel opened in November and had a really modern feel.

I woke up around 7:30 to Allison jumping on the bed "you're getting married today!"  Probably the best way anyone could ever wake up. :-)  I took a shower and we went downstairs to grab some breakfast.  Tiwa arrived around 8:30 do make-up; since she was doing 9 faces (me+bridesmaids+mom) she had to start pretty early.  Hooman showed up at the same time.  We designated my suite the hair suite and Ebony's the make-up suite.  The morning started off pretty quiet, the other bridesmaids weren't arriving until 10 and it was a good time just to soak it all in.

More details and pics in part 2!!!  Sorry for the lag in posts, I'm starting my internship year so things are pretty busy! :-)

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