Monday, June 10, 2013


My wedding was huge and my family and friends are amazing, so our registries received much love.  Here are some things that I see daily that make me so happy!

 Our kitchenaid mixer in aqua.  My mother's friend bought me this and she hasn't even seen me in 15 years.  AMAZING

Wedgwood China.  We were pretty luck and got 8 gorgeous place settings that now live in my grandmother's china cabinet in our dining room.  

A couple friends noticed we didn't register for crystal and took it on themselves to go in together and buy us red wine, white wine, champage and old fashioned glasses...also AMAZING.  

A it!  We juice every morning now.  Today we did strawberry+orange+pineapple+carrot+celery+kale.  As you see I like it healthy but still tasty!  We live near an Aldi so we can get produce for cheap prices so we don't go broke.

Aaron's favorite gift.  A smoker!  It is amazing and gets meat so tender.
Aaron made homemade bacon last week and this was a huge help :-)

Ramekins.  So inexpensive and fun.  I broke them in by making individual peach cobblers.

And when I want to jazz it up we have mini dutch ovens by Tramontina...much cheaper than the baby Staubs you often see.  

And the mama, the Le Creuset 5.5 dutch oven...actually this wasn't given to us but Aaron and I purchased it at Bed Bath & Beyond with gift cards last night during their registry completion event! I cannot wait to start cooking with this!!!

People are so nice when you get married....excuse me now, I need to go work on some more thank you cards!!!

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